Abdominal bracing exercise videos

Abdominal bracing is designed to help strengthen your lower back and core muscles, which will help your spine heal properly after spine surgery. The purpose of the core and back muscles is to help support the body’s weight and take pressure off the spine, as well as to hold the spine in proper alignment to prevent instability.

Your core muscles must be exercised as part of your recovery period to help support and stabilize your spine. Abdominal bracing is a great, low-impact exercise that targets and strengthens your lower back and involves very little strain.

Abdominal bracing will also have a positive impact on your overall health, straightening your posture and promoting deep breathing. You will notice as you continue this exercise that you will become more aware of your breathing and strength, and you will find yourself slowly developing a better posture with your stronger back muscles.

To perform this exercise, lie on your back, bend your knees, and contract your stomach muscles. This creates tension in the abdomen, strengthening the core muscles of the spine. We recommend performing diaphragmatic breathing during this exercise.

You can review the videos below for more information on how to perform this exercise.