Postsurgical Exercises

Cervical and Lumbar Exercises.

Physical activity is an essential part of your recovery plan. This part of the video series demonstrates exercises that you can do after your surgery to help strengthen your body.

There are two levels of the postsurgical exercise program. The first level has exercises you should start two to three weeks after surgery. The exercises in the second level are slightly more advanced, and you will progress to these approximately four to six weeks after your surgery.

The exercises will promote recovery and should not increase pain. However, be aware that some mild muscle soreness is normal after the first few sessions of any exercise.

Remember to listen to your body. Although these exercises are not strenuous, stop or avoid any exercise that increases pain or discomfort.

Also, keep in mind that you should avoid lifting any heavy weights for six to eight weeks after surgery. Contact the Laser Spine Institute’s SPINE LINE at 1-866-226-5023 if you have questions or concerns related to the exercises in this video series.