Walking Exercise Videos

Walking is an important part of recovery from your surgery at Laser Spine Institute.

Gradually increasing your time walking will help improve your strength and endurance. Walking is an everyday activity, and how you walk can affect your spine.

The natural walking pattern involves the heel hitting the floor first and the toes pushing off last. As you walk, your arms should be relaxed, swinging at your side. Your head and your eyes should be looking forward.

Perhaps what you have been doing incorrectly is placing your foot flat and then maintaining a wide base of support. Or you are looking at the ground as you walk—this causes your walking pattern to be more work and puts extra strain to your spine. The correct pattern is eyes forward, arms swinging gently, heel to toe. Awareness of your posture and how you use your feet as you walk will help you walk with less strain and pain.

It is important—if you are using a cane or walker because you have balance disorders or you are in pain—to practice the walking pattern with your aid device. The cane or walker will allow you to maintain the correct walking pattern and strengthen the muscles in that pattern.

Initially after surgery, we encourage you to walk 10 to 15 minutes, three times per day