Sitting with a Beach Ball Exercise Videos

Most people don’t think about their posture when they are sitting, but good posture can help prevent or reduce back pain. This video will show you how a slightly inflated beach ball can help you sit properly with good spine alignment.

To do this activity, use a small beach ball that has been inflated with three to four breaths. It should look as if it is mostly deflated and almost flat.

Place the beach ball vertically between your back and the chair, and then scoot back all the way until you feel the support of the ball. This position will help to lift the chest. The beach ball size, or shape, can be changed frequently, and you can move it as you need to. This could be used effectively when you are sitting at your computer, in your car or watching TV in your favorite chair.

This position should feel comfortable, but if you feel any pain, stop the activity immediately. You can also use the slightly inflated beach ball if you had neck surgery.

Remember, the beach ball is usually more comfortable if it is placed vertically, along the spine, which will help to lift and support your chest. You may also use it in a horizontal position if you feel that is more comfortable.