In and Out of Bed Exercise Videos

You climb in and out of your bed every day, most likely not considering how the task affects your spine. Keep these tips in mind when getting in and out of bed.

To get into bed: Sit at the edge of the bed with your feet flat on the floor. Take a breath before you start to move. Inhale as you bring both palms down onto the bed, both of them on the side of your body that’s toward your pillow, then lift your feet and lower your head to the pillow. Relax and take a breath in this position. Inhale; roll onto your back so your shoulders, knees and hips move together. Exhale and relax. At this point, you should have made it into bed comfortably.

To get out of bed, reverse the pattern. Take a breath, exhale and relax. Roll to your side, moving your shoulders and hips together. Inhale and exhale while on your side. Use your arms to come to a sitting position and let your legs hang off the side of the bed.

Practice this every time you get in or out of bed.