Bending and Lifting Exercise Videos

Anytime you bend to pick up or lift anything, you should be mindful to use your hips and legs and not your back. Avoid all heavy lifting, pushing or pulling for at least two weeks after your surgery. After two weeks, limit lifting to no more than 10 pounds and avoid lifting items repetitively. Before you lift, first plan where you are going to take the item and then make sure the area is clutter-free.

The proper way to bend or lift is to use your hips and legs. As you lift, bring the object close to you. Without holding your breath, contract your stomach muscles; lift the object with both your arms, bringing the object to your upper body. Remember, you shouldn’t hunch or arch your back as you bend or lift; instead, try to keep your back in a neutral position and bend at the hips and legs.

An alternate bending and reaching strategy

Another bending and reaching activity you can try is called the modified golfer’s lift. This lift allows you to safely reach into an object such as a refrigerator, washing machine or dryer.

As you stand, extend one leg behind you and support yourself with the same hand, keeping your back straight. Bend the other knee, reach into the object and then come back up, straightening the knee, and keeping your spine straight. Remember, you should not hunch or arch your back as you reach and lift; instead, try to keep your back straight as you return to the standing position.