Activity pacing exercise videos

After your spine surgery, it is important for you to move around and perform your daily activities to help strengthen your muscles and to help your spine heal properly. However, you must be careful when beginning to get back into your daily routine. Remember that your body just underwent surgery and it needs time to heal and rebuild. In order to help you recover without injury or strain, we have compiled these exercise videos to help you pace yourself while you return to normal activities.

You should always listen to your body during these videos. If you begin to feel pain or discomfort, stop immediately and rest. Your body will tell you when to relax and when you can do a little more. By taking it slow, you will give your body a chance to recover following surgery.

Use the decompression position two to three times per day as a rest activity for the first few weeks after surgery. Do not exercise or do other activities for more than 30 minutes at a time. Instead, pace yourself and listen to your body.

Keep in mind that all your activities should be gentle. Now is not the time to try an intense exercise program. Avoid standing or sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time and remember to change positions frequently.
Remember, if you experience any pain during these activities, stop and consult a physical therapist for further direction. Though some soreness is to be expected, each person’s recovery will differ and some may not be ready for postoperative exercise if pain occurs.