Daily Activities

Body mechanics and postural awareness.

Most of us are very cautious when we exercise or do strenuous activities such as running or heavy lifting. But we really don’t think about the daily activities that we perform and the impact they can have on our spine health.

This part of the video series demonstrates general guidelines and effective body mechanics you should incorporate into daily activities. These videos should be used as a guide to better perform daily activities without injury or strain.

Remember to listen to your body and avoid any activity that increases pain or discomfort.

Activity pacing exercise videos

After your spine surgery, it is important for you to move around and perform your daily activities to help strengthen your muscles and to help your spine heal properly. However, you must be careful when beginning to get back into your daily routine. Remember that your body just underwent surgery...

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Decompression Posture Video

Laser Spine Institute recommends the decompression posture after surgery

According to the experts at Laser Spine Institute, physical therapy in the form of gentle stretching and spinal decompression exercises is important after neck or back surgery — even if you had a minimally invasive procedure, and even if you are experiencing significant...

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In and Out of Bed Exercise Videos

You climb in and out of your bed every day, most likely not considering how the task affects your spine. Keep these tips in mind when getting in and out of bed. To get into bed: Sit at the edge of the bed with your feet flat on the floor. Take a...

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Sitting with a Beach Ball Exercise Videos

Most people don’t think about their posture when they are sitting, but good posture can help prevent or reduce back pain. This video will show you how a slightly inflated beach ball can help you sit properly with good spine alignment. To do this activity, use a small beach ball that...

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Moving from sitting to standing position Exercise Videos

Improperly moving your body from a sitting to a standing position can increase neck and back pain. Move to the edge of the chair, making sure that your feet are under your knees. Use the arms of the chair for additional leverage. Take a breath and bend from your hips,...

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Postural Alignment Exercise Video

Laser Spine Institute advises proper postural alignment

At Laser Spine Institute, we highly recommend making a strong commitment to maintaining proper postural alignment. This is an excellent habit to get into long before you visit our surgery center, and individuals who are considering a minimally invasive surgery or who have recently...

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Walking Exercise Videos

Walking is an important part of recovery from your surgery at Laser Spine Institute. Gradually increasing your time walking will help improve your strength and endurance. Walking is an everyday activity, and how you walk can affect your spine. The natural walking pattern involves the heel hitting the floor first and the...

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Bending and Lifting Exercise Videos

Anytime you bend to pick up or lift anything, you should be mindful to use your hips and legs and not your back. Avoid all heavy lifting, pushing or pulling for at least two weeks after your surgery. After two weeks, limit lifting to no more than 10 pounds and...

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