Slump Glides Exercise Videos

Disclaimer: This exercise must be done only if prescribed by our physical therapist.

The slump glides exercise improves your mobility with the action of sliding and gliding your nerves in your spine and legs. This exercise encourages a flossing-like action of your nerves as they exit your spinal canal.

To do slump glides, start by sitting on the edge of the chair with your hands resting on the chair and your feet flat on the floor.

Slowly start to slouch, rounding your back and dropping your head down. As you lift your head up, extend through your spine and straighten your right leg. As you drop your leg back down, drop your head toward your chest, and curve through your spine. Repeat this exercise using your other leg.

This exercise should be done gently and not quickly, and should not cause any type of pain. We do not want you to slump, drop your head and extend your leg all at the same time.

Repeat the slump glides exercise three to five times with each leg. You should do this exercise one to three times per day.